We provide a turnkey and  all inclusive solution of Multi ownership
Evaluation of everyones needs, evaluation of market and purchase of the aircraft  .

The aircraft is fractionned into 1% shares, we usually purchase pre-flown aircraft, what we call "good deals", added to commercial use,
we can propose low hours rate and high efficiency to our users. 

Logistic Advantage : 

- Commercial EASA operation ( same as Airline ) 
- No need to employ a crew, no need to pay yearly trainings 
- No need to care and schedule routine maintenance
- No need pay hangar 
- Dont care about all invoices from differents airports you visited
- A single invoice is sent every months for your flights consumption.

Flights Advantges :

- No more positioning costs, a flat fee is charged nothing more .
- Hourly price is cheaper than normal clients 
- owner have priority to book
- If your aircraft is gone, we have 4 identicals aircraft available and you
  can fly them under the same conditions as your .


Embraer Phenom 100 Europe          1% = 25.000 Euro 
Embraer Phenom 100 ANDORRA    1% = 25.000 Euro 

Cessna Excel / XLS                        1% = 50.000 Euro

Cessna M2                                     1% = 35.000 Euro 

Phenom 300                                   1% = 60.000 Euro
Legacy 600                                     1% = 80.000 Euro

Exemple for a Phenom 100 
(advantages to be divided at pro-rata between co-owners) 

FREE Management
72 FREE hours per year 
200 hours at owner price 
JET& CO / VALENTINI AVIATION   Office n°8,  8 Carrer Doctor Nequi   AD500 Andorra la Vella  PRINCIPALITY OF ANDORRA
Valentini Aviation as agent has no responsibility or liability for the acts and omissions of the Charter company or clients, For aircraft sales, buyer and seller are responsible to perform all needed check under their own workscope and responsability . No claims and no money can be asked to Valentini Aviation, whatever the reason or the amount  .