Your Private jet in ANDORRA

The Airport of Andorra La Seu ( LESU ) is located only at 15 minutes from the border .
We operate commercial flight with Phenom 100,  +1000 airports in Europe are now linked to Andorra .

For Andorra we have a special Multiownership program, 100% Andorran capitals 
with the objective to have 1-2 aircraft permanently based and owned by Andorran .
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JET& CO / VALENTINI AVIATION   Office n°8,  8 Carrer Doctor Nequi   AD500 Andorra la Vella  PRINCIPALITY OF ANDORRA
Valentini Aviation as agent has no responsibility or liability for the acts and omissions of the Charter company or clients, For aircraft sales, buyer and seller are responsible to perform all needed check under their own workscope and responsability . No claims and no money can be asked to Valentini Aviation, whatever the reason or the amount  .