Specialized in Acquisitions and especially off market hunter 

I dont limit my efforts to link buyers to sellers and ask money ... 
but provide turnkey solution and creat a system that will purchase, own and operate the aircraft .
You have ONE interlocutor, you speak with me for all single points . 
I select the right aircraft to purchase on/off market with needed options, year, TT, price, general condition and compliance with the buyer country   
However, this crutial and complex mission is only the beggining, 90% of the job then need to be accomplished  

- Aircraft model advises 
- Aircraft selection, evaluation and comparision 
- Negociation
- Offer and purchase & sale agreement redaction
- Securisation of Deposit and purchase price 
- Pre-buy Inspection, Test Flight
- Descrepancies management 
- Export CofA / deregistration / registration 
- Ferry flight
- Crew training

- Company setup and obtention of all legal documents 
- Custom clearance and VAT Management  
- Selection of the operator and negociation of the condition

    - If private, crew empoyement and training + NCC 
    - If commercial, negociation of conditions between many AOC, hour rate, charter revenues
JET& CO / VALENTINI AVIATION   Office n°8,  8 Carrer Doctor Nequi   AD500 Andorra la Vella  PRINCIPALITY OF ANDORRA
Valentini Aviation as agent has no responsibility or liability for the acts and omissions of the Charter company or clients, For aircraft sales, buyer and seller are responsible to perform all needed check under their own workscope and responsability . No claims and no money can be asked to Valentini Aviation, whatever the reason or the amount  .