VALENTINI AVIATION  main activity is the acquisition and sell of business aircrafts and helicopters on the worldwide market
We create a complete system to own and operate an aircraft. 

Specialized in turnkey acquisition from A-Z, we manage everything until the aircraft is ready to flight for new owner.

We also propose to find the best operator for your aircraft by negociating with all european actors .

10 years of experience  
Hundreeds Millions Dollar of Transactions
+30 countries worldwide and 22 in Europe
I am with Alex since 6 years, this is my 3th aircraft I bought from them also the 3th sold .
Work very professional and advisable 

Sheikh Jabor
Jet owner
“ well , I can only express positive comments on my purchase experience with Alexander . Not always you find support to close your deal in a fast and professional way , but this was the case with Alex ! 
Professionalism is when every single detail and step move forward without time lost in perfect harmony and security , this is my experience “ 

Turboprop owner
Dear Mr. Valentini, 
This is to thank you for your excellent support during the acquisition process of The Mustang, to help the seller und us to find together and your support of the project during the entire process. 
We are happy to be a positive reference for your potential future customers.  

Jet Owner

Thats easy, without Mr Valentini experience, knowledge and solutions, there were no deal .  

Turboprop owner
JET& CO / VALENTINI AVIATION   Office n°8,  8 Carrer Doctor Nequi   AD500 Andorra la Vella  PRINCIPALITY OF ANDORRA
Valentini Aviation as agent has no responsibility or liability for the acts and omissions of the Charter company or clients, For aircraft sales, buyer and seller are responsible to perform all needed check under their own workscope and responsability . No claims and no money can be asked to Valentini Aviation, whatever the reason or the amount  .